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  Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
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Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. specializes in the shipbuilding, equipped with worlds fifth largest ship production facilities on 3.3 million m2 of land in and around Samho subcounty of Yeongam County in Jeonnam

Province located in the southwestern part of the Korean peninsula. Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries is complete with the cutting-edge automation facilities, and built main facilities such as dock and factory under its comprehensive plan, and maximized the efficiency of work.

The company has the annual capacity of about 50 ship production on two dry docks and one on-land shipbuilding yard, and has evolved into the worlds most competitive company in the 21st century, the maritime era, contributing to the development of regional and national economy.

1. History

Jun. 01, 1992 Groundbreaking for Samho Shipyard Construction
Feb. 09, 1996 Launched the first vessel at Samho Shipyard
Oct. 27, 1999 Established Samho Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
May. 15, 2002 Reborn as a member of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group
Jan. 01, 2003 Renamed to Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Nov. 30, 2004 Awarded $1 Billion Export Tower Prize on the Export Day
Jan. 01, 2005 Established Hyundai Elephant Ssireum (Korean wrestling) Team
Aug. 16, 2006 Opened Hotel Hyundai
Jan. 09, 2007 Achieved 20 million DWT shipbuilding record in the shortest period
Jul. 01, 2007 Two types of ships selected as World Class Products
Sept. 12, 2007 Delivered FPSO
Jun. 30, 2008 Completed on-ground shipbuilding facilities
Nov. 03, 2008 Successfully loaded out the largest vessel (Suezmax tanker,
26,000 tons) in the on-ground shipbuilding history
Oct. 09, 2008 Delivered the 1st LNG Carrier
Sept. 30, 2009 Expanded 2 docks
Sept. 30, 2009 Completed the construction of Dolphin Quay-Wall
Nov. 30, 2009 Awarded $3 Billion Export Tower Prize on the Export Day

2. Field of Business

1) Shipbuilding Division
Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries has attained the worlds best productivity and quality, bol-stered by its shipbuilding experience and technology which it has built up since it began to operate Samho Yard in 1992 and young and talented technical manpower of shipbuilding.

The company has established the computerizedintegrated production system, such as the cutting-edge TRI-BON design system, robot weldingsystem, etc, and became the model of

Digital Shipbuilder, incorporating the IT technology of the 21st century and the shipbuilding technology, Equipped with 6 Goliath cranes capable of lifting 600 tons, 900 tons, 1,200 tons along with the dock and the yard, including the on-land shipbuilding yard, and operating 19 jib cranes capable of lifting loads from 30 tons to 250 tons, it has secured large-scale blocks and maximized the productivity successfully.

Specifically, it has stably made inroads into the high-value added shipbuilding market for 10,000-ton TEU container ship, FPSO, LNG/LPG carrier, and others. In addition, the company has maximized the synergic effect in sales, technology development, design, purchase, and others, as a member of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd

2) Transporter Division
Sharing the history with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd, the Transporter Division has been recognized for its excellence in the production of top quality transportation and unloading equipments and has played a leading role both in the domestic and global market.

The Transporter Division which was transferred from Hyundai Heavy Industries to our company in 2004 has the one-stop operation system capable of handling the entire processes of the design, production, transportation, and test run, based on our technology that we have built through our extensive experience with many constructions. In addition, the Transporter Division has produced top quality transportation and unloading equipments in the optimized installation site that operates the Goliath crane, which are delivered exactly on time as customers want.

(Along with the equipment and facilities shown in the photos) The Transporter Division is producing the transportation and unloading equipments such as container crane, Goliath crane, jib crane, overhead crane, ship unloader, conveyer system, bulk handling system, and others, and has expanded its business into the floodgate facilities, bulk storage facilities, maritime structures, and others.

So far, the Transporter Division has delivered the crane and bulk unloading equipment to ports, steel mill, power plants, shipyards of 20 countries across the globe, strengthening its reputation as the global manufacturer of transportation and unloading equipment.

Besides, it successfully developed the automated crane, first-ever nationwide, and made foray into the new renewable energy sector, spearheading the efforts at the development of new technology.

The company is expected to attain continuous growth in the transportation equipment sector through its vigorous activities to clinch orders and expansion of business, a sector which has formed a critical foundation of Samho Heavy Industries based on its long experience and extensive know-how.

3. Products

1) Container Ship : Container ship is cargo ship that carries the load in container.
2) Crude Oil Carrier : Crude oil carrier transports the crude oil directly.
3) LNG Carrier : LNG carrier is a tank ship designed for transporting the natural gas, such as methane, liquefied at -163C, and is one of the most typical high-value ships which require special cargo hold and welding technology for the maintenance of constant temperature.
4) LPG Carrier : LPG carrier is a tank ship designed for transporting liquefied petroleum gas such as propane, butane, and others.
5) Bulk Carrier : Bulk carrier is the ship that transports dry cargo such as coals, ores, grains, and others.
6) Car Carrier : Car carrier is the ship that carries cars and trucks.
7) Transporter : Container crane, automated terminal equipment, industrial crane, bulk carrier equipment, etc
8) Maritime Facility : FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage & Off-loading Unit), offshore platform